Y’all, I wanted to write about my new Czech peppers.  Or my impending granddaughter.  Or anything, other than this.  But: I am done.

Since I began this blog years ago, I have dealt with my own personal antagonist.  (Although, we all have these.  This one is special.)  While I have been very careful up until now not to disseminate any information on the WWW, we are now asking for help.  I’m sure many of you remember when I took down my blog in a last-ditch effort to create peace for many months.  (Although I never explained, and I am so sorry.  It just wasn’t polite or proper to drag that hot mess out here in public.)  I am no longer willing to be bullied.  After suffering a heart situation that landed me in the emergency room a few days ago, I am finally, finally standing up to this harassment.  (The ER doc actually said to me:  no more stress.  Hokay.  I’ll get right on that.  Sigh.)  I had hoped that if I went away, wrote nothing, left the community and tended my garden this would all eventually just end.

But.  Obsession has no logic.  And so, I’m coming out.

My real (government) name is Kat Privett-Duren.  I had always hoped to have a coming out day of sorts, something that I felt ready to do and had prepared for in a sacral manner.  Regretfully, I no longer have that option.  It has been stolen from me and I can never get this moment back.

So, damn.  Hi, y’all.  I’m Dr. Katharyn Privett-Duren.  But I’m also Seba.  And I wish this moment was more beautiful.

We have been harassed and bullied, blackmailed and threatened for years, but we are done.  According to my antagonist, my very presence on the web (and apparent horrendous slander that neither I nor you have ever actually seen)  has caused undue harm to her and her husband, their sex life and his ability to continue his household duties.*  “They” are (again) threatening to sue us for $50,000.  I cannot imagine in what context I have ever had that kind of power, nor can I imagine why anyone would desire it. It is unfathomable to me, as we have not had any contact with them for years.  What I do see (and can legally prove) is that: we have been dogged at every moment.  They appear to want me silenced, ruined, and run out of town.  (An actual quote from one of our attorneys of his assessment of the situation after meeting with them for hours.  He wrote this of his own accord after we chose another lawyer to continue our battle, because “I’ve never seen this level of viciousness in my life.”)  This is not a Witch War, as I am not at war.  This is an extreme effort to survive in my Bible Belt community, raise my son, worship in my own way and publish my thoughts.  We have contacted Lady Liberty League, several attorneys and are awaiting the go-ahead for a news-release to the media if they persist.  This is, in effect, the product of obsession, jealousy, gossip and (of course) a modern day Witch Hunt.  Far worse than Witch War, my friends.

And I am asking for support.

Forgive this commercial interruption, but we have set up a legal fund to make the pain stop.  Please share far and wide.  We will no longer suffer in silence.  Help us to stand up to this inconceivable bullying?  This time, they have included my sisters and my tribal (pregnant) daughter in their onslaught.  It’s time to stop them.


To Help click here. [Note: The campaign was a success and Dr. PD / Seba won the case (it was thrown out).]

*This* was about you.  Nothing else, just this.  Leave our family alone.  Go away.  Find something that makes you happy enough to let me go.   This will only end badly if you continue.  Go. In. Peace.

*We possess the legal paperwork of their vexatious threats and are only citing from that legally disseminated document.

*And no.  I still will not “out” them.  Don’t even ask.  I will hold to my nobility, even if it kills me.   My children have been harmed, but I would never want that for theirs.  


I’m learning.

I’m learning.

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