We care about your privacy. Seriously. Which is why we’re going to lay out for y’all, right here, exactly what’s up with that cookie box in the corner, what data we’re collecting, and where that data’s going.

We don’t do ads. They’re pretty gross. Nothing you do on the site is used to advertise to you, nor is it shared with any advertisers. We use Squarespace Analytics to collect basic data on how many people look at the site, where (country/state) they’re based, what pages they go to the most, how long they spend on those pages; and PodTrac to get raw numbers on how many people listen to each episode of the podcast. How many shares the latest podcast episode got. Basically, stuff that tells us where we can improve. That data is just for us, and will never be shared or sold. If you don’t want to be tracked, we’re Do Not Track Compliant and recommend Ublock Origin, Ublock Origin Extras, and NoScript. If you use a social network “Share” button to share something, that social network can see what page you shared. Same with the podcast “Listen on” buttons. What they do with that data is up to them; we can’t control that. But we’re also not deliberately giving them data.

If you buy something, your payment is processed by Squarespace, the platform we’re using to replace Wordpress. They’re very secure; every site is HTTPS compliant by default, and your payment details aren’t saved anywhere (unless you want them to be). When you enter payment info, Squarespace sends it over to either Stripe or PayPal, both reputable, secure payment processors.  Southern Fried Witch, Squarespace, Stripe, and PayPal are all Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant.

This privacy statement exists in part to comply with the EU’s GDPR law, and to provide transparency.

If there’s not a statement below the line, something we can’t talk about didn’t happen.

We have not been served any warrants for data (which we don’t keep, anyway), National Security Letters, FISA warrants, or subpoenas as of 10/10/19. Next update by 11/5/19. Watch very closely for the removal of this sign.