Alabama Tamales

Alabama Tamales:

Gather yourself four or five ears of sweet corn.  Strip off the husks, taking care to keep them whole.  Soak said husks in sweet tea for at least one hour.

In a sizzling iron skillet seasoned with bacon grease (not slathered), drizzle olive oil (not virgin), add corn kernels, four or five chopped jalapenos (with or without seeds and ribs, your call depending on the toughness of your tongue), one sweet red chopped pepper, one Vidalia onion and minced garlic.  Brown about 7 minutes.  Remove from pan.  Whisk together your favorite cornbread recipe (I like mine with a little sugar).    Add skillet shenanigans.  Chop a handful of cilantro and/or parsley and sling into the bowl.

What we have here, folks, is a nice Southern masa.

Let sit for thirty minutes.  I have found that this here makes a good break for ice-cold beer, hollering at yor’ husband or smoking whatever cranks your tractor.

Now then.  Find that LONG glass (or metal) casserole dish you hate to scrub.  Yes, just do it.  Lightly butter said dish with a paper towel.  Drain cornhusks and begin to put back together in the shape of a cradle.  We are gonna do these open-faced for effect and ease.  (As per usual, you should be accompanied by your music and alcohol of choice at this time as this is a frustrating activity.  I chose Marshall Tucker Band and Samuel Adams, but I’m pretty sure you could do Eric Clapton and a nice port wine.)  Hokay.

In yor’ layered cornhusk cradle (that you should hold in one hand) ladle our cornbread mixture from stem to stern.  You can tie of the ends before or after: I chose after on account of I had three Sam Adams at this juncture and it worked just fine.

Place, all butt-ass up against each other, in buttered dish.  The more squished together they are the better, as they will hold each other up.  Pour about an inch of water in the bottom of the pan (taking care not to splash the corn mix) and back until golden.

Remove.  Place on your grandma’s favorite serving platter.  Slather with butter.  Amen.

Now.  Don’t  you feel all home?

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